Seafood Salad with Summer Vegetables

Serves: 3

Style: Salad

Difficulty: Medium


270g Hakubaku Somen nood
400g sea food marinara mix (fresh if possible else frozen works well)
1 tsp wasabi (optional)
2 tbs lemon juice (fresh)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp white pepper
2 lebanese cucumbers – cut into strips
2 avocados – cubed
2 tomatos – cubed


Seafood Salad with Summer Vegetables


1. Boil the somen according to the packet’s instruction and cool down with ice water.
2. Boil sea food marinara mix for 3 minutes or until done. Be careful not to overcook then cool down with ice water.
3. Mix Somen and sea food marinara with remaining ingredients.
4. Serve in a nice glass bowl. You can also serve in a bed of iceberg lettuce and add chopped boiled eggs.



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