Made in Australia The Japanese Way.

Hakubaku certified organic noodles are created from authentic Japanese recipe using only the finest Australian wheat.

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Our story

Hakubaku Australia produces authentic Japanese organic noodles in Ballarat, Australia.

Hakubaku Australia was established in 1996, with production beginning in 1998. We are located in Ballarat, a rural city in Victoria, that has good access to both the wheat fields of the Murray Darling Basin and the port of Melbourne. Hakubaku Australia employs around 35 staff members.

Our Hakubaku Organic noodle range is made up of Somen, Udon, Soba, Ramen, Cha soba and Yakisoba. All are certified organic and made using authentic Japanese recipes. Our other certifications are Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO and SQF.

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