Tosh Koshi Soba

Noodles are a staple of the Japanese diet, eaten everyday by many. Toshikoshi Soba is a noodle dish traditionally served on New Year’s Eve and other times when people are busy cleaning homes and preparing food for celebrations.

Similar to Chinese culture, long Soba noodles symbolise longevity.

In Japan everybody loves ramen

Introduced from China in the late-19th century, ramen noodles have been modified and are now fully adopted as Japanese favourites. They are particularly popular among young people.

They have a slightly chewy, pleasing texture and are suitable for hearty dishes.


A world-wide search for premium ingredients brought Hakubaku Japan to Australia’s fertile lands.

They found the finest organic wheat for authentic Japanese noodles – a traditional favourite. Ballarat, Victoria has become the Australian home of Hakubaku.

Hakubaku Australia manufactures authentic Japanese organic noodles in Ballarat, Australia.

Hakubaku’s authentic Japanese organic noodles are the world’s favourite. They epitomise the attention to detail at the heart of Japanese culture.

A global search for the world’s highest quality organic wheat, and the wheat varieties most suitable for making Japanese noodles, brought Hakubaku to Australia. Not only did Hakubaku find secure supplies of the wheat it needs, but it also found an organic flour mill and the perfect site for a noodle factory - in Ballarat. In 1996, Ballarat became home to Hakubaku Australia – a distant outpost of one of Japan’s most important culinary traditions. Hakubaku Australia is now a proud contributor to a cuisine that is considered one of the most sophisticated – and one of the healthiest - in the world.

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