Japanese Cold Ramen (Hiyashi Chuka)

Serves: 3

Style: Japaneasy, Salad

Difficulty: Easy


For Noodles
270g  Hakubaku Organic Ramen
For Sauce
300ml rice vinegar
250ml soy sauce
350ml water
100ml mirin
80g sugar
10ml sesame oil
2 tsp white sesame seeds (crushed)
For Salad (to your liking)
Bean sprouts
Cucumber (sliced)
Ham (sliced)
Tomato (cut into wedges)
Egg Omelette (sliced)
Lettuce (sliced)
Beni Shoga (red pickled ginger)

Japanese Cold Ramen (Hiyashi Chuka)


To Make Sauce
1. Combine Sauce ingredients, except sesame oil, in a pot and bring to boil. Take off heat and cool in fridge.
2 Add crushed white sesame seeds and sesame oil in the cooled sauce to Leave aside.

To Make Hiyashi Chuka
3 Cook noodles by following the instructions on the package. Cool in ice water then drain and leave aside.
4. In a bowl, place desired amount of noodles in the centre, followed by desired amount of salad. Then pour sauce over the top to serve.


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