Homemade Demae Iccho


I grew up with Demae Iccho instant ramen. This is my to recreated version of this nostalgic taste. Fresher, healthier, and guilt free.


1½ bundle of Hakubaku Ramen
½ an Onion diced
3 cloves of Garlic sliced
1 sprig of Spring Onion chopped finely
4-5 leaves of Lettuce ripped into quarters
(You can replace it with any other vegetable of your liking, Bok Choy, Choi Sum, baby Spinach etc.)
1 tbsp of Mirin
1 tbsp of Cooking Sake/Rice Wine
Cayenne Pepper (to your preference)
1cm of Ginger with peel removed and grated
Half a stick of Konbu dashi granules (roughly 2tsps)
1 cup of Chicken stock (you can also use Beef stock, or Vegetable stock for vegans)
A few drops of Sesame oil (some for the noodles, and some for the soup)
1 egg
Extra virgin Olive oil



– Prepare the bowl you will be serving the Ramen in by mixing 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of sesame oil.
– Cook the Hakubaku Ramen to specifications on the packet, then drain, place into bowl, and mix well.

Recipe (Serves One Adult)

– Heat a little oil in pan
– Add onions and garlic to it on medium high heat with a pinch of salt
– Once cooked, add mirin and cooking sake/rice wine, then cook until lightly golden
–  Add 2 cups of water and half a stick of kombu dashi granules
– Add 1 cup of chicken/beef/vegetable stock
– Add a pinch of cayenne pepper, grated ginger, and cracked peppercorns, then bring to a boil
– Add soy sauce to taste, and then reduce heat to a simmer
– Crack the egg and pour it into the broth gently
– Once the egg is poached to the desired level, scoop out and place on top of noodles
– Add a few drops of sesame oil and bring soup back to boil
– Add lettuce. Once cooked, scoop out into serving bowl with the ramen
– Sprinkle finely chopped spring onion over the middle of the noodles, then pour boiling soup over.

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