Hakubaku is committed to producing the world’s best authentic Japanese noodles.

Using organic ingredients that are grown using sustainable methods is a key part of its strategy. Hakubaku’s authentic Japanese noodles are certified to be organic.

Organic certification ensures Hakubaku noodles are produced without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, or genetically modified ingredients.

There are two powerful arguments in favour of organic foods and ingredients:

The production of organic foods does not lead to the degradation of farming land by chemicals or genetically modified plants organic ingredients are essential for the production of authentic traditional foods (in the past, all food production was organic!), which have the real taste authentic traditional foods should have

With over 12 million hectares of organic land, Australia has nearly one third of all the organic land in the world. Hakubaku’s commitment to organic wheat contributes to this Australian farmland staying organic.

By buying Hakubaku’s organic Japanese noodles you are also contributing to the long-term viability of Australia’s organic wheat farmers.

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