Escoffier said, Cook simply! 

The Japanese ryori says, “Let little seem like much, as long as it is fresh and beautiful.”

This is the basis of much of the Japanese lifestyle and diet, the same principle adopted by Hakubaku Noodles.

Although Japanese culture can be austere, its food is known and admired for its surprising simplicity, visual appeal and healthfulness. The Hakubaku introduction to Japanese Diet will hep you to understand the role of food in the life of Japan, How food is prepared and how some Japanese are the longest living people in the world thanks to their Diet and Lifestyle.

Noodles are a critical part of Japanese Life, learn of the history of noodles, their varieties and uses as well as the critical role of the noodle maker in every neighborhood in Japan.

To live a life of balance and simplicity means more than simply a diet – you need to understand the Japanese Philosophy of Life and the guiding principles.

Here in Australia we have also committed our company to being one that lives by the principles of LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) – which is a very moden way to live out an old Japanese philosphy – Live your life in Balance and Harmony (wa)

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