Japanese Caesar Salad

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Ingredients card / Shopping list

227g Soba noodles
1/2tsp&1tsp Sesame oil
2 Eggs
3tbsp Soy sauce
3tbsp Rice wine vinegar
5tbsp Dashi
1tbsp Hot mustard
115g Ham (sliced-julienne
1/2 Cucumber (seeded & julienned)
1 small Carrot (julienned)
2 Cabbage leaves (coarsely chopped)

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Recipe By: Hakubaku

Serves 2 adults


Fusion dishes are the best of both worlds


NOTE; Some of the ingredients in this recipe may be varied.
The soba noodles can be replaced by other noodles if desired.
The choice of the type of cold meat may be changed or even excluded if you want a vegtarian dish.
The vegetables may also be selected according to your own tastes (eg cabbage could be replaced by baby bok choy).

Cook the noodles in boiling water.
Drain, blend in 1/2tsp sesame oil then set aside.

Scramble 2 eggs in a bowl.
Fry them as you would an omelette in a medium-sized skillet.
When cooked, remove the omelette from skillet and drain on paper towelling.
When cooled, roll the omelette into a tight bundle then slice across the roll.
(This results in long thin strips of egg crepe).

In a small saucepan, combine the soy sauce, sugar, rice wine vinegar, dashi, 1tbsp sesame oil and hot mustard.
Simmer the mixture over low heat until thoroughly blended.

Place a sreving of cold noodles on a plate.
Top with julienned egg, ham, carrots, cucumber and the cabbage.
Ladle one serving of the blended dressing over each portion of noodles just before serving.