What Makes Hakubaku Special?

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The people of Hakubaku are passionate about producing the ultimate authentic Japanese noodles from the best ingredients.

More than this, they are passionate about producing healthy foods – sustainably. The use of organic and sustainable ingredients, is a central part of Hakubaku’s philosophy. There are two factors that come together in producing the ultimate Japanese organic noodles. The first is the ingredients. Thanks to Hakubaku’s location in Ballarat it can source the best ingredients: organic Australian wheat.

The second factor is the production process. Thanks to years of intensive research, Hakubaku has perfected the drying process for noodles, and Hakubaku’s Ballarat plant is the best in the world.

Hakubaku’s Ballarat plant uses a unique, patented process that dries noodles using the perfect combination of temperature, humidity and time. The result is firm-textured, perfect noodles.

Every batch of noodles off the line is tested using a highly scientific method of quality control, but the dedicated and passionate staff have their own testing method – lunch!

Hakubaku’s commitment to organic and sustainable ingredients reflects a commitment to healthy food and a healthy environment.